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Written by Mongoose Bikes   
Friday, 15 August 2014 08:51
Last week I broke my ankle on a half pipe trick gone horribly wrong. I expected it was a sprain, without rubbing mud on it, walking it off was not going to help. This was a bad situation - getting worse. I had no insurance at the time either.

Next day, I need to remedy this situation, no frozen bag of peas was going to set me straight.

A friend of mind told me about this Clearwater walk-in clinic, I wanted to at least get x-rays, and a true sense of my situation. I came in, I had a 45 min wait, but I wasn't in a ton of pain, no problem.

I meet the doctor and told her my story, then she answers my questions. I think she was vey personable and had a great bed-side manner.

She wraps up my broken ankle, gives me a brace, recommends me to a specialist in Tampa who will take non-insurance peoples like myself.  She gave me a copy of my X-rays, sent me to a great bone and joint Doctor. He fixes my ankle, I'll write a review of him soon.

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